The Poutsch Widget

This blog introduces you to the poutsch poll widget, the most simple, versatile, and customizable polls on the web.

What’s a poll widget?

Poll widgets are a free and easy way to take your poutsch questions anywhere!

Every question on poutsch can be grabbed as a widget and embedded on any HTML-based page where visitors can see your question, vote, discuss it and view results.

Why should I get a poll widget?

There’s no easier way to promote user engagement and interact instantly than with a free poll widget! Whether you’re a blogger, publisher, band or just someone with an opinion, there are endless ways to use our widget:

- Get feedback on your site layout
- Give your visitors a voice
- Add an interactive feature to your profile
- Run a low maintenance contest
- Get a better idea of who reads your blog
- Keep your site fresh with the day’s top discussion
- Make your blog sticky!

Create your own question on poutsch and learn how to embed your questions here

There is no better way to reach out to people outside your community.

The trick the with poutsch widget is that you don’t only poll people visiting your website.

Poutsch widget is an extension of The latter will not only be the place for you to store and manage your questions, it will be an extra channel of distribution for your questions.

In other words, your questions will simultaneously appear on your platform and Poutsch. Hence, anytime a poutsch user will come across one of your questions he/she will be incited to visit your platform. 

Moreover, poutsch users are encouraged to share questions to their community using our social sharing tools.

Poutsch users then become bridges between their community and yours.

The question bellow collected more than a 1000 votes in less than 4h. The guy obviously new how to share it…

I’m a company who’s about to distribute a new product. I need an easy and cheap way to get customer feedback.

Poutsch question boxes allows me to ask a question to customers directly from my webpage.

The plus is that I can then logon to my poutsch account and manage my questions. Then I can access comprehensive real time analytics around my questions!  

With poutsch widget you can bring ongoing debate to an other level.

You will better structure the debate with your question because you can finally identify the majority voice.  It’s a lot easier to deal with poutsch questions than lengthy comments.

Let say I’m an environmentalist. I’m trying to gather votes behind my cause. I would like an easy way to share my message and unite as many people as possible behind it.

The real plus of poutsch widget is that you can in one click share your question on Facebook, twitter, google+ or else. Other people can decide as well to plug my question on their blog or website. 

The poutsch widget has a huge virality potential … So share my question!

Build a meaningful debat around ongoing conversations

I’m an artist. I want to get feedback from my community. But I want more than just a “like”. I want a tool dedicated to my query.

The poutsch widget allows me to gather quantitative and qualitative feedback on my work. My friends can rate my song and post a comments. But I can customize my question to get more specific answers.

Let say I’m an organisation. I want to engage my community on issues that we are currently debating.

In a few clicks I create a poll that will allow me to know what we agree or disagree on.